By - Whitehopleman

Whitehopleman is fascinated to read on CemNet Newsroom that the Cuban cement industry will begin modernising cement plants this year to increase the country’s production. A new factory will be established in Santiago de Cuba during the current year, which will replace the obsolete “José Mercerón”, built in 1955. There will also be an upgrade of the Siguaney works in Sancti Spíritus and the 26th of July plant in Nuevitas, with the aim of reaching full capacity of grey cement, as well as white cement at Sancti Spíritus.

With Whitehopleman’s extensive experience of grey and white cement production and modernisation projects these are exactly the type of projects where Whitehopleman can help. We will be attempting to contact Pavel Cansino Ávila, deputy director of Grupo Empresarial de Cemento (GECEM).