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Project Services

Whitehopleman provides a range of services to support cement companies and investors in their investments and prospective investments in the cement industries. These services are tailored to meet individual client’s requirements.

The services may focus on one or more of the following areas: –

  • Market evaluation to determine capacity, quality requirements, competitive situation and forecast demand growth and competitive reactions.
  • Technical feasibility including raw material reserves, process chemistry, quarry development, process design, equipment specification and refractory lining design
  • Project consulting including preparation of tender documents, tender evaluation, supplier selection, construction programme, commissioning programme.
  • Project monitoring to provide the third party scrutiny which is seen as essential in providing assurance to internal and external investors.

Whitehopleman employs experienced permanent staff and highly qualified associate consultants with experience appropriate to its clients’ needs.

Market Studies

These market studies analyse and evaluate the economic, technical and social viability of cement company development plans. Determining whether market demand will be sustained, the volumes and grades of cement that can be sold.

The market reception of new products, competitors likely reactions and capital and operating costs. Developing through cost models, determining the economic rate of return and commercial viability of the proposed developments.

Technical Feasibility

Cement companies always need to test the feasibility of their development plans, whether these involve expanding capacity, new product development, new market development or diversification into other industries.

At these times Whitehopleman’s benchmarking database of worldwide cement factory performance provides a unique resource to support the feasibility study process.

Project Monitoring

Mature organisations are reluctant to commit precious resources to costly full-scale project management consultancy when they have a competent in-house management capability. At the same time a degree of third party scrutiny is seen as essential in providing assurance to internal and external investors. Whitehopleman has designed an innovative service to meet this need.

When retained as project monitoring consultants Whitehopleman will critically review documents provided by the client and compile a report containing confirmation of findings and/or recommendations for improvement.

In order to ensure that the time spent by Whitehopleman personnel is utilised effectively the work will be carried out at the client’s offices or at the project site. This will facilitate access to additional information and key staff from the client’s team.

Project Consulting

Management of projects involving new capacity development is a specialist task demanding skills beyond those encountered in the day-to-day operation of a cement company. These tasks may include any or all of the following:

  • Exploration and proving of raw material reserves.
  • Quarry development planning to extract those raw materials in a sustainable manner.
  • Development of a process concept.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Tender evaluation and recommendation.
  • Negotiation with equipment suppliers.
  • Project monitoring.
  • Project supervision through construction and commissioning phases to hand-over.
  • Preparation of operations and maintenance manuals.
  • Training of management and personnel.