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Engineering Services

Whitehopleman provides a range of engineering services to support cement companies in the operation and maintenance of their cement factories.

These services range from quarry loading optimisation, through mill charge design, kiln shutdown planning and supervision, control system optimisation, spare parts sourcing and implementation to development of maintenance management systems.

Quarry Chemistry Control

Quality control starts with the extraction of the primary raw material and any locally mined secondary raw materials.

Raw mix design shows us what we need to do to control the quality of these raw materials. If we are controlling to a target CaO content (CaCO3) then we need to mix materials together from two loading points. If we also want to control to an MgO target then we must mix loads from 3 loading points. However, before we can do that we have to know the composition of the materials at each loading point.

Whitehopleman provides Microsoft Excel based quarry chemistry control systems to guide cement factory quarry management in achieving the required chemistry of the raw material delivered into the process.

These quarry chemistry control take into consideration that there are other priorities beyond material composition involved in raw material loading. Meeting production targets, cost minimisation and quarry development are also important.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

Whitehopleman’s specialist services in the area of cement factory spare parts range from spare parts audits, through advice on appropriate spare parts inventories to fabrication and supply of spare parts.

  • Spare parts audits
  • Spare parts database preparation
  • Definition of spare parts re-order levels
  • Risk and criticality analysis to identify appropriate spare parts inventories
  • Fabrication and sourcing of spare parts

By retaining Whitehopleman for specialist cement plant spare parts services a cement company obtains the following benefits:

  • Improved spare parts inventory control
  • Lower costs for the sourcing of spare parts
  • The confidence that the appropriate value and composition of spare parts inventory is being held for the operating context of their cement factories.