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By - Whitehopleman

Cement Company Profit Margins Under Pressure

The profits of cement companies in 2022 came under pressure compared to 2021. Whitehopleman’s cement company financial performance benchmarking database contains financial performance data from more than fifty cement companies from around the world, including all the major multinationals, but also s...

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By - Whitehopleman

Profiling the Cement Industry in Western Sahara

In 2019 Whitehopleman was retained to profile and estimate the manufacturing costs of cement factories in Morocco. Western Sahara was a part of that Moroccan cement industry profiling. The population of Western Sahara is estimated at just over 500,000, of which nearly 40% live in Laãyoune, the large...

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By - Whitehopleman

119 cement factory cost profiles

In November 2017 Whitehopleman were retained to develop cement manufacturing cost profiles for 119 North American cement factories. Whitehopleman’s confidential client intended to use the profiles to develop a directional supply and demand curve for the cement marketplace. Desk research and Whitehop...

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