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Portfolio Categories: Engineering Services

By - Whitehopleman

Software Upgrade in Slovakia

In December 2017 Whitehopleman were retained by Povazská Cementáreñ a.s., Ladce, to upgrade the software of the kiln feed batch control and kiln alkali cycle monitoring software that was first commissioned more than 10 years previously.

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By - Whitehopleman

Upgrade Options in Uruguay

In November 2016 Whitehopleman were retained by ANCAP to conduct technical audits to identify options to upgrade or optimise the existing equipment of their Minas and Paysandú cement factories in Uruguay.

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By - Whitehopleman

Factory maintenance reviews in Saudi Arabia

In April 2016 Whitehopleman were retained by Southern Province Cement Company to conduct reviews of the maintenance of their cement factories in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The objective was to understand the challenges faced in maintaining the cement factories, make suggestions for maintenance imp...

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